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Free Backing Tracks for Musicians! Play-along some of my favorite lead-sheets to level up your chops... or go ahead and try making something of your own! Practice scales, licks or solos.


  • Lead-sheets for some of my favorite tracks, inspired by some of my favorite standards
  • A full blown Sequencer that let's you try out some new wild chord progressions!
  • Guitar Tuner to help practice tuning your guitar by ear


What is all this?

The Tracks are mainly some chord progressions that I throw together to jam around on. If you have any requests, feel free to contact me.


This project is open source and you can check it out on github!
It uses React (remix.run), tailwindcss and prisma and is deployed to netlify. To play and generate music, there is Tone.js and tonal.

Does it cost anything?

No! As long as I don't just let anyone create accounts and tracks I can maintain BackyTracky for free.